CodeRed Emergency Alerts

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Register for Salisbury Township’s Emergency Alert System

Stay notified of emergency events that have occurred in your area


How does it work?
The Township will use the CodeRED system to notify residents who have enrolled of time-sensitive emergencies in their area. CodeRED notifications are sent via text messages, phone calls and emails which are all offered during sign-up.

Can I opt out of text messages and emails after signing up?
Yes, you can visit and login with your username and password to remove your email address and uncheck text alerts at any time. You CANNOT however, remove your phone number. The bare minimum to remain signed up for alerts is a valid phone number. You will need to delete your account entirely to eliminate phone calls.

Does CodeRED provide a smartphone app and if so, how does it work?
CodeRED does provide an app for download in both the Apple App Store or Google Play. You will need to register a second time on the app even if you have previously registered on our website for alerts. This is because the app and the website are not connected. You can use the same username and password for both accounts. The CodeRED App uses the GPS location of your mobile device and if you are traveling through a community that uses CodeRED, you will be notified of that area’s emergency alerts.