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Newly Adopted Ordinances & Resolutions

The Ordinances and Resolutions below were recently adopted by the Board of Commissioners but currently have not been codified in the Salisbury Township Code of Ordinances book.


Resolution No. 11-2020-1688 – Approving the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche of the Lehigh Valley Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan

Resolution No. 10-2020-1687 – Authorizing the Township’s sale/trade of vehicles and other equipment identified herein by means of Municibid or trade-in pursuant to COSTARS purchases for new vehicles, or by public bid or auction consistent with the requirements of the First Class Township Code and the Township Code of Ordinances

Resolution No. 08-2020-1686 – Accepting the retirement notice from and expressing the appreciation of the members of the Board of Commissioners to Janet Freyling for her years of service to the Township and its citizens.

Resolution No. 08-2020-1685 – Approving a Revision to the Official Sewage Facilities Plan of the Township

Resolution No. 07-2020-1684 – Resolution for Plan Revision for New Land Development

Resolution No. 07-2020-1683 – Approving the Plot 886 Final Major Subdivision Plan

Resolution No. 07-2020-1682 – Granting a waiver to SALDO Section 22-302.1.C for the Plot 886 LLC Final Major Subdivision Plan

Resolution No. 07-2020-1681 – Municipal Winter Traffic Services Agreement

Resolution No. 07-2020-1680 – Approving the Plot 886 Preliminary Major Subdivison Plan

Resolution No. 06-2020-1679 – Appointing Alok Patnaik as Commissioner of the Fifth Ward to Serve Until January 1, 2022

Resolution No. 05-2020-1678 – Appointing Kerry Rabold as Township Flood Plain Administrator

Resolution No. 05-2020-1677 – Appointing Ms. Kerry Rabold as the Township Zoning Officer.

Resolution No. 05-2020-1676 – Authorizing the Township Manager of Salisbury Township to execute a grant application and providing for a ten percent (10%) match commitment to undertake the project known as the “2021 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project”.

Resolution No. 04-2020-1675 – Approving a waiver request to SALDO Section 1011.6.C for 1248 Taft Avenue, Salisbury Township, Pennsylvania.

Resolution No. 03-2020-1674 – Amending Section 8.3(B) of The Salisbury Township Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations with respect to length of service to be eligible to apply for sergeant promotion.