7:30 PM
March 10, 2009

A Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission of the Township of Salisbury was held on the above date at the Township Municipal Building located at 2900 South Pike Avenue, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Present were Commissioners Beck, Hebelka, Schreiter, Licht, and Hassick. Also present were Mr. Tettemer, representative of the Township Engineer; Attorney Ashley, Township Solicitor; and Ms. Sopka, Director of Planning & Zoning.

Mr. Beck called the meeting to order.

On motion of Mr. Schreiter, seconded by Mr. Hassick, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the December 10, 2008 Planning Commission Minutes as submitted.

Consideration of The Flower Tent Conditional Use Application. Property located at 3300 Lehigh Street (South Mall) in a C-3, General Commercial Zoning District. Application dated February 4, 2009.

Present was Mr. Timothy Ansilio, owner of the Flower Tent.

Mr. Hebelka noted that the area of the proposed location for the Flower Tent as depicted is within the City of Allentown border of the South Mall property.

A discussion ensued regarding the tent's location and whether the border's are clearly delineated on the site plan. Mr. Ansilio expressed the possibility of obtaining approval from the owners of the South Mall to relocate within the Township's borders.
Mr. Licht made a motion to recommend conditional approval of the Flower Tent Conditional Use Application, provided that the tent is erected within the Township's borders, with a clear line of sight, return the conditions of the property, and be reviewed by the Township Engineer, Zoning Officer and Police Chief. The motion was seconded by Mr. Hassick and passed by unanimous voice vote.

Review Site Sketch Plan for 3103 West Emmaus Avenue in accordance with Salisbury Township Zoning Ordinance §117.1.C., Conversion of a Principle Residential Building to a Principle Non-Residential Use. The applicant, George and Marlene Frick, intend to convert an existing residence in the C-2 Zoning District into A&H Sporting Goods commercial use.

Mr. Tettemer highlighted the Township Engineer review letter dated March 5, 2009.

Present were Stanley Shelosky, engineer of Millennium Design Services Company. Mr. Shelosky responded to each of the comments in the Township Engineer's review letter. Mr. Shelosky stated that they will also go to the City of Allentown regarding the access to the property. Mr. Shelosky noted that the owners are concerned with limiting access to entering the property.

Mr. Shelosky informed the members that they would be requesting waivers from the requirements for locating manmade features, obtaining LCCD approval of an erosion and sedimentation control plan, and sidewalks.

Mr. Shelosky commented that they intend to come back with the formal waiver requests and a Preliminary Land Development Plan.

There was a discussion on the driveways. Mr. Shelosky expressed that they will remove an existing driveway and put in a new driveway.

Mr. Shreiter inquired about the utilities and wires.

The Planning members noted that the developer should first go to the City of Allentown before coming back before the Township.

Cindy Pappas of 3119 W. Emmaus Avenue expressed concern with the proposed left turn only because of the potential for vehicles to go into the rear alley which is a private road. She inquired about the possibility of posting signs at the alley to deter vehicles from accessing the private alley.

Attorney Ashley noted that there are private issues with respect to rights to access the alley and would not fall within the Township's realm of policing or maintaining.

Janet Borelli of 3120 Capital Street noted that she also lives along a private alley and expressed her concerns for having traffic from the public going on to their alley. She also expressed concern that measures be taken to minimize stormwater runoff impacting her property.

Mr. George Frick, developer, asked questions regarding the concrete median suggested by the Township Engineer.

Mr. Tettemer noted the close proximity of the property to the intersection and the median would prevent traffic from backing up for vehicles attempting to make a left turn in. Ultimately, the City of Allentown has the authority on whether they would require a median. No action taken.

Mr. Hassick made a motion to retain the current officers retain the following officers: Mr. Beck - Chairman, Mr. McKitish - Vice-President, and Mr. Hebelka - Secretary. The motion was seconded by Mr. Schreiter and passed unanimously 5-0.

Charles Beck made a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners that Mr. Joseph Hebelka will be the liaison from the Planning Commission to the Township's newly created Environmental Advisory Council.

On Motion of Mr. Hassick, seconded by Mr. Schreiter, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend Mr. Joseph Hebelka as the liaison for the Planning Commission to the newly created Environmental Advisory Council.

A discussion ensued regarding looking towards reviewing and updating the Comprehensive Plan. Ms. Sopka noted that in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance should also be reflective of the updated Comprehensive Plan. Looking at what surrounding municipalities are doing with respect to their comprehensive plans was discussed at length.

On Motion of Mr. Schreiter, seconded by Mr. Hassick, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to consider makinge a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners to update the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordiance after further review of funding potentials and evaluation of updates conducted by neighboring municipalities.

On motion of Mr. Hassick, seconded by Mr. Hebelka, the Planning Commission voted to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.