7:30 PM
March 13, 2007

A Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission of the Township of Salisbury was held on the above date at the Township Municipal Building located at 2900 South Pike Avenue, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Present were Commissioners Beck, Hebelka, McKitish, Schreiter, Hassick, Snyder and Licht. Also present were Mr. Tettemer, representative of the Township Engineer; Attorney Ashley, Township Solicitor; and Mr. Best, Director of Planning & Zoning.


Mr. Beck called the meeting to order.

[The Lehigh Street Offices Land Development Sketch Plan was continued.]

February 13, 2007

On motion of Mr. McKitish, seconded by Mr. Hassick, the Planning Commission voted 5-0-2 to approve the February 13, 2007 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes as submitted. Messrs. Beck and Snyder abstained.

Consideration of the Kidspeace Broadway Campus Expansion Land Development Plan. Property located at 1630-1650 Broadway in an R-4, Medium Density Zoning District. Fifteen (15) sheets – plan dated February 14, 2007.

Present were Jackson Eaton, counsel, and Andrew Bowle of Hanover Engineering.

Mr. Tettemer highlighted the review letter of the Township Engineer dated March 7, 2007.

Mr. Best read his comments listed in a memo dated March 9, 2007.

Mr. Bowle commented that they are in agreement with the Township Engineer’s review letter.

Mr. Beck inquired about the location of existing sidewalks and whether Kidspeace owned one of the neighboring houses.

There was a brief discussion on whether the developer intends to have sidewalk along the entire length of its frontage. The developer indicated that the sidewalks would only be on the southern side, not the northern side of the street.

Mr. Tettemer recommended that they submit a deferral request for the northern side. He expressed concern with the stormwater as it heads towards the inlet on Ash Street.

The developer indicated that they intend to study in great detail to determine how to proceed with the stormwater management.

Mr. Bowle noted that since they have the Township’s comments and suggestions, they intend to revise and submit the plan to the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, Lehigh County Conservation District, PennDOT and other appropriate authorities for review.

Mr. Schreiter inquired about the proposed center turning lane and whether it ties into a deceleration lane.

Mr. Eaton explained that the plan would have to be reviewed and approved by PennDOT, but they do not anticipate there being a problem.

Mr. Snyder asked for clarification on the plan with respect to the proposed center turn lane if it is to be a passing lane.

Mr. Beck inquired about a company that had previously owned property around Kidspeace and recalled that a trolley used to run through. Attorney Eaton explained that Kidspeace owns all of the property marked in green on the plan.

There was a brief discussion regarding the parking lots and driveways. Mr. Bowle explained the location of the existing parking lots and that they propose to eliminate the existing horseshoe shaped driveway and instead take both parking lots and tie them together. He explained that the parking spaces will be unchanged. Mr. Bowle explained that there are two existing detention basins on the site. They propose to provide stormwater inlets and underground stormwater facility that would tie into the drainage system in the road. Mr. Bowle clarified that there would not be an increase in parking spaces although impervious cover would increase slightly.

Mr. Tettemer expressed his opinion that curbing may be needed in order to control the stormwater and additional inlets.

Mr. Bowle stated that they intend to analyze and make sure that they do not flood out any adjacent properties.

On motion of Mr. McKitish, seconded by Mr. Licht, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to table the Kidspeace Broadway Campus Expansion Land Development Plan.


Meeting adjourned.