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About the Board of Commissioners

Presently, the Salisbury Township Board of Commissioners consists of Robert Martucci, Jr. (President), Debra Brinton (Vice President), James Seagreaves (President Pro-Tempore), Joanne Ackerman and Rodney Conn.  The members’ contact information, term expiration and Wards are listed below.

Front L-R: Brinton, Martucci; Rear L-R: Seagreaves, Ackerman, Conn
Photo courtesy Salisbury Press

Commissioners serve four-year terms, elected in two staggered election cycles. Commissioners for Wards 1, 3, and 5 are elected during the same cycle, as are commissioners for Wards 2 and 4 this guarantees that all five will never be up for election during the same election cycle. The Board elects a President and Vice-President from within to preside over Board meetings; however all members have equal legislative and voting power. All votes on matters such as resolutions, ordinances, motions and policies require a majority of those members present at a meeting in order to pass. For example, at a meeting with all five Commissioners present, a vote of 3-yes and 2-no would be sufficient, or if only three Commissioners are present, a vote of 2-yes and 1-no would be sufficient to pass the motion. However, the appointment of a Township Solicitor or Township Engineer requires a majority of the members to pass (i.e. three or more “yes” votes).

Board Members

  • Robert Martucci, Jr., President
    1763 New York Avenue
    Ward 1
    Term Expires 1/1/20
  • Debra Brinton, Vice President
    2011 Cypress Avenue
    Ward 3
    Tern Expires 1/1/20
  • James Seagreaves, President Pro-Tempore
    1532 Maumee Avenue
    Ward 2
    Term Expires 1/1/22
  • Joanne Ackerman
    2572 Green Acres Drive
    Ward 5
    Term Expires 1/1/20
  • Rodney Conn
    39 W Cherokee Street
    Ward 4
    Term Expires 1/1/22
  • Tax Collector/Treasurer (Appointed):
    Treasurer: Mrs. Linda Minger
    Phone: (610) 871-0252
    Term Expires 1/1/22


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Board of Commissioners Meeting
February 28, 2019

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