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Salisbury Township is a First Class Township defined by and operating under the statutes provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s First Class Township Code. Salisbury Township is divided into five wards (see Wards at right) and utilizes a Commissioner-Manager form of government. The Board of Commissioners is responsible for all legislative or policy-related decisions for the Township. The Commissioners are each elected from their respective ward, but together set policies for the Township as a whole. The Board appoints a Township Manager to manage the day-to-day operations of the Township.

The Township is located in Lehigh County and is represented in the Pennsylvania General Assembly by the 131st, 133rd and 134th Pennsylvania House Districts and the 18th Pennsylvania Senate District.

Board of Commissioners

  • Debra Brinton, President
    2011 Cypress Avenue
    Ward 3
    Tern Expires 1/1/20
  • James Seagreaves, Vice President
    1532 Maumee Avenue
    Ward 2
    Term Expires 1/1/22
  • Joanne Ackerman
    2572 Green Acres Drive
    Ward 5
    Term Expires 1/1/20
  • Rodney Conn
    39 W Cherokee Street
    Ward 4
    Term Expires 1/1/22
  • Tax Collector/Treasurer (Appointed):
    Treasurer: Mrs. Linda Minger
    Phone: (610) 871-0252
    Term Expires 1/1/22
  • Heather Lipkin
    817 Lawrence St
    Ward 1
    Term Expires 1/1/20