2022 Real Estate Tax Bill Error

As you may know, the 2022 Township Real Estate Tax Bills were sent out to residents with the incorrect tax millage rate. Corrected bills have been mailed out on blue paper stock (original bills were on tan paper) with the millage rate of 2.92 (original bills listed 2.57 mills). There is a message on the back of the new self-mailer that states, “ENCLOSED IS YOUR REVISED AND CORRECTED 2022 SALISBURY TOWNSHIP REAL ESTATE BILL. PLEASE DISREGARD THE PREVIOUSLY MAILED BILL.”

If you have already mailed your payment, you will be receiving a letter with instructions. Those who paid via check will receive their voided checks back with a request for a corrected check. We cannot take partial payments; therefore one, single, corrected check is required.

For those who forwarded your bill to your escrow company, we ask that you please forward the corrected bill. Most escrow companies pay in May which allows adequate time to forward the bill.

The Township apologizes for this oversight and any inconvenience this has created. If you have any questions, please contact the Township office at 610-797-4000.