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Notice to Bidders on Residential Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Collection, Disposal, and Recycling Services


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Sealed bids to furnish Residential Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Collection, Disposal, and Recycling Services will be received until 10:00 am on November 19, 2020, by the Office of the Township Manager, Township of Salisbury, 2900 South Pike Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.  All bidders must submit an Original and 7 copies in a SEALED envelope markedBid Documents for Municipal and Solid Waste Collection, Disposal and Recycling Services for Salisbury Township” and addressed as follows:

Attn:  Cathy Bonaskiewich, Township Manager
2900 South Pike Avenue
Allentown, PA  18103

NOTE: Bids may NOT be submitted by facsimile transmission (fax) or email.  A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at the above address at 10 am on Thursday, November 5, 2020.  Attendance at the Pre-Bid Meeting is strongly encouraged but is not required for a bid to be considered.

Copies of the Bid Documents and complete specifications may be obtained from the office of the Township Manager between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Each bid shall include a cashier’s check or bid bond equal to ten percent (10%) of the highest sum of “Total Prices” for the Contract period as set forth in the Instructions to Bidders and on the Price Sheet for all options requested.   Such checks shall be payable to the order of “Township of Salisbury”.  Such checks or bonds shall be retained by the Township until the Contract has been awarded or rejected, at which time the Township will return the checks or bonds of the unsuccessful bidders.

Each bid shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Non-Collusion and all other documents as specified in the Instructions to Bidders.  The successful Contractor shall comply with the requirements of the Non-Discrimination Clause of the Contract.

The Township reserves the right to accept any Bid Proposal or to reject any or all Bid Proposals, and to waive informalities or irregularities in any Proposal.  In particular, any alteration, erasure or interlineation of the Contract Documents and of the Proposal shall render the accompanying Proposal irregular and subject to rejection by the Township.  The Township intends that the contract shall be awarded within thirty (30) days following the date that Proposals are publicly opened and read.

In order to aid the Township in determining the responsibility of any bidder, the Township requires the bidder to submit evidence of the Bidder’s experience and familiarity with the product as called for in the Specifications.

All bidders must be prepared to present suitable evidence of their financial standing and to furnish a list of similar work recently completed within three (3) days of bid opening.  The bidder shall be required to supply a Financial Statement or similar document prior to contract award which includes, as a minimum, financial statements (if any), references, and a listing of any and all fictitious names used by the bidder.

No proposal will be accepted from or contract awarded to any person, firm, or corporation that is in arrears or is in default to the Township upon any debt or contract, or that is a defaulter, as surety or otherwise, upon any obligation to said Township or had failed to perform faithfully any previous contract with the Township.

The Township, however, reserves the right to reject any and all bids or any part of a bid without making an explanation to anyone whenever it deems it in the interest of the Township to do so, and also have the right to waive any informalities in the bidding, and to award the Contract in the best interest of the Township.

Cathy Bonaskiewich
Township Manager/Secretary